Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I recently watched one of my favorite shows Four Weddings on TLC. If you aren’t familiar with the show, the premise is four brides that are planning their own wedding compete against each other. They all attend each other’s weddings and score them at the end. The winner wins the honeymoon of their dreams. I love watching it because of course it is about weddings. However, I also like watching it because I like getting the different perspectives on how different brides view weddings. On this one episode in particular that comes to mind, the bride with the lowest score was the only bride that didn’t a dedicated music source at her wedding. She didn’t have a dance floor and only sparingly had background music. In the end it cost her a romantic honeymoon in the islands.

One thing it reiterated for me is that music is a must for weddings. I would have to say I am bias because I am a music lover. So, if you plan your wedding with Perfection Squared, you are definitely going to have a wide choice of music options. I couldn’t imagine not using music as another way to express my love on my special day. Of course if you are just having a small intimate wedding with not much of a reception you may not need a dedicated source of music. Ultimately, in the end it is about your tastes, likes, dislikes and more important it is your choice. Yet, also remember that most guests love the part where they get to get out on the dance floor and have a ball. That is the time when you get to see your little 3-year-old niece bust out her new moves or have your grandmother prove to everyone that she still has it going on.  There are some of your guests that have come from far away just to see you start your life with the person you love, so don't they deserve a little fun.  Additionally, there may be people falling in love at that very moment at your wedding.  Ironically, your music selections could be the soundtrack to their new romance.  Mostly, after months of planning, a whole day of being on a schedule and an hour of sitting for photos, you finally get to let your hair down maybe even literally.

A question I get asked constantly is, “what music is appropriate for my wedding”. A lot of brides wonder if they should have a string quartet, guitarist, singer or piano player at their wedding. Then they wonder if they should have a band or DJ at the reception. The whole day is your day but your wedding is your moment. In that moment, I say you should choose what best express your vows, your love and your moment. My advice comes in when we are planning the reception. While the reception is also part of your big day, it is also to celebrate with your guests that took time to come out to celebrate your day. You want to share this time with them and so you want to take into account what they like as well. If you have a lively, love to dance kind of crowd that won’t be overwhelmed by the music of a DJ then go for it. Most experienced wedding DJs will add character, be interactive and create a very fun experience for your guests. If the demographic is right, I don’t think you can go wrong with a DJ. However, there are a lot of great bands out there as well that can provide a fabulous experience. In the end, just remember your guests and I am sure you will make the right decision.

Your first dance is the dance that will put the official mark of your new status as husband and wife. That means you will be choosing this song together. You may already have a song that marks a special time for you both when you were dating but if not, take time to analyze the lyrics because you want to make sure they are speaking directly to your relationship. You may also want to consider the length of the song. When you work with a DJ or band, they can adjust it so that your guests don’t feel as though the song is being extended for too long. Of course it is your wedding and if you want to play a song in its entirety, your guests will just have to understand.

I know there are so many things to think about when planning a wedding. You have to think about food and which guests are vegetarians, you have to choose the right dress, the right wedding salon to buy your dress and now music. Honestly, that is why you would hire us. We would make all of these decisions so much easier to make. With our endless resources, passion for fashion and love for what we do, you can’t go wrong with Perfection Squared.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Are you looking to hire an event planner or maybe even become one? I love it when I meet someone for the first time and one of there first questions is, "what do  event planners do".  When it comes to event planning, we have been called Party Planners, Meeting Planners or Event Planners. What you do in this business may have a lot to do with your title but I want have always wanted to do is throw fabulous party. Since that is what I do, I don’t mind being called a party planner. Of course I also plan fabulous events so take your pick. I love talking about what I do and that is because I love what I do.  So, I thought I would start off my Monday blog by providing a little more information on who we are and what we do.

First Things First
First if you want to become a planner, you have to decide if you want to work for someone else or if you want to work for yourself. If you work for yourself, you definitely want to understand the business side of event planning as well as the dynamic of creating fabulous events. You can be exceptional at what you do but if you do not know how to market yourself or how to get clients, where will your business come from? If having your own business is something you need to learn more about, I would suggest starting out working for someone. It is a great way to learn the business without the pressure of finding new business. If you want to hire a planner, you have to weigh the pros and cons to hiring an event planner that has their own company or works for an event planning firm. Of course I would always advise that you choose a planner like myself. Perfection Squared is my passion and it is what I do 24 hours a day (no I never sleep). So, when you hire me to plan your event you are hiring someone that will eat, sleep and breathe your event. I like that concept and I believe you will too.

Relax, Don’t Stress
Next, the key to being an exceptional event planner is to remember, “Don’t stress for any reason”. One thing I have learned is that there are some things you can’t control. However, if you have a level head it will always turn out better than it would have if you stressed out. There is a solution to everything and don’t be fooled, your clients don’t just come to you because they want you to plan their event. They will come to you because you have the expertise, patience and know how to produce a flawless event. As your reputation grows for having the innate ability to handle your events with flair and composure, you will become your own business card. Keep in mind that patience and strong presence create an impression. Did someone say patience equals Perfection?

Don’t Miss A Thing
My next suggestion would be “Think of Everything”. Is that possible? I am not sure but I always try. Not only do I sit down with my team and have a brainstorming session, throughout planning, I take time to think of ways I can make it better. I try to think of everything possible from planning dos and don’ts to those things that add an extra touch. This is your business. I own countless magazines and books on design, space planning, organization, as well as anything I can get my hands on that will make me a better planner. I stay educated on the venues and details about various locations. I continuously educated myself on my profession and the professions that impact what I do. If you are constantly thinking about what you do, it makes it that much easier to think of everything when you need to.

Know Your Foods
 Yes, there are some events that are foodless but in my personal opinion every great event has a great menu. One of the things I do when I sit down with a new client to help them pick a menu is ensure that I have a good sense of the demographic that will be in attendance at their event. True, you want your client to be happy but one of the keys to a successful event is making sure the guests are happy as well. That means making sure there is exciting entertainment, great ambience, a pleasant aesthetic and yes, fabulous food. Not only do I spend a lot of time reading about food and wine, I spend time preparing meals so that I can be more familiar with what goes into the preparation. I try to make sure that I understand the texture, flavors, aromas and more. Before I can suggest something to a client, I want to make sure I can give them all the information I can. I do this by taking every aspect of this business serious and that includes the food.

Love What You Do
I can give you a lot more advice and information on what it is we do.  However, I think the key thing and the perfect place to end my blog for today is to love what you do.  Someone recently asked me, "you love what you do don't you?"  When my reply was yes, they replied "it shows".  Whatever you do you have to do it to the best of your ability and that is so much easier when you genuinely love what you do.  This is my job but it isn't just my job.  Event planning is my life and I can honestly say, I love what I do.

Monday, September 27, 2010


When I first started working in the event planning industry, I didn't really knoweverything that it would take to be successful in the relationship.  There were certain things I was good at and certain things I was passionate about.  Those were the things that were going to make me a fabulous event planner.  As time goes by you learn that this business is exactly that....a business.  You have to learn how to run a successful business and in that you have to build successful business relationship

Being a person that is sincere and serious about my craft, I always enjoy meeting others in the industry that feel the same way about what they do.  One of those people is Audrey Ortega.  She is a Makeup artist in the LA area and her company is called beauty by Audrey.  I have worked with her a few times and I believe her look is very unique.  Having begun her career working in plastic surgery consultation, she is very familiar with various skin types and educated on so much more than just make up!  She has a fantastic ability to be professional yet make makeup fun.  It is her passion and she can tell.  So when Audrey's decided to do a commercial to promote Beauty by Audrey, I jumped at the opportunity to be the organizer of her recent commercial.  In doing so, I had the opportunity to work with director Ronisa Wilkins Shoate.  Ronisa's latest documentary was recently accepted into the LA Femme Film Festival  ( and the opportunity to expand my portfolio by working on a commercial.  Mostly, it was a great opportunity for me to see Audrey's work first hand in a relaxed environment.  When you work with a makeup artist on weddings or even red carpet events, there isn't much opportunity to see them in the midst of a project.  Generally, you only get to see the end result.  In working on this commercial with Audrey, I was able to see her work from beginning to end.
Perfection Squared has taught me a lot. One thing I have learned is that not every individual works for every client.  That is why I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with lots of different artist, vendors and other professionals.  This exposure also gives me the opportunity to refer these various professionals to clients seeking someone with their background.  For now, I think Audrey Ortega is one to watch.

So, if you are Southern California bride, Model or someone looking for a makeup artist that is not only fun but professional, you should definitely check out her portfolio. 

Check out her commercial at:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I never thought I would have to the opportunity to visit 4 hotels in 4 days and I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. That is why it is even more surprising that I did this just a few days ago and there were all local hotels.  A few years ago, I decided if I were going to be in this business that I would make sure I not only kept a close relationship with the venues I work with on a regular basis, I like to stay educated on all of the details.  When it comes to hotels, restaurants or party venues, everyone I know will ask my opinion before planning an event.  I get this reputation because I really pay attention and I make the time to visit as many places as I can on my time off.  I also pay attention whenever I am hosting an event at a particular location.  Of course the best way to really get to know a place is by actually spending time on the property.  This isn’t always easy to do.  With my schedule, I do not get much time away from work and projects.  So, when I had a friend in town from the East Coast this past weekend, I saw the perfect opportunity to not only take my friend on a sight seeing tour. I also saw it is an opportunity to show off some of my favorite venues/hotels in town.

Our first stop was the W hotel in Hollywood, California. I have to say I was truly impressed. I have heard people say if you have stayed at one W hotel you have stayed at them all. I would disagree and the Hollywood location proves that. The décor was new and improved from any other W I have ever visited. I have never seen a W hotel that didn’t have great décor but they went above and beyond the usual for this location. From the moment you walk into the lobby, it is pure elegance.  

Additionally, the layout is so easy to understand and the valet system was past perfection. The service was fabulous and just when you thought a view of Hollywood couldn’t be as fabulous as the view of the beach in Santa Monica, it will surprise you. We decided to kick off the weekend with massages that they helped us set up. After we walked across the street to Katsuya and had not only the best sushi I have had in a long time but the incomparable service. Our waiter was all smiles, never far away and had all of he perfect answers. All of his suggestions were dead on and his descriptions equally as perfect. Even though I spent a lot of time at Drai’s over the past few months, I didn’t have the chance to visit this go round. As I told my friend, LA is a city you have to do in doses. You can never take in such a great city all at once.

Our next stay was at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. The Mondrian has been around a while longer than the W in Hollywood but it is still worth the stay. Sitting at the top of the hill on Sunset, it has a great view of the city. From hanging out at the Sky Bar to the ability to walk to all of the great restaurants nearby, the location is ideal. We spent most of the day at the pool and then some rest and relaxation at the Sky Bar. Later that evening it was a short cab ride to BOA Steakhouse in Beverly Hills at the suggestion of the concierge at the hotel.  They called and made reservations and checked with us the next day to find out how we enjoyed our dinner.  Of course of all the hotels we visited, it was the most expensive per night and now I know why.

The next night we moved up the road a little to the London hotel, which is also in West Hollywood. I have had quite a few events there in the last year so I was excited to show it off. As usual, it didn’t disappoint. The service was impeccable as usual, the views were beautiful and my friend really enjoyed the décor. It was lot of fun and it was definitely the perfect way to say goodbye to West Hollywood.

Last, we moved on to Santa Monica and stayed at the Viceroy. It was a really tough choice trying to decide where to stay. I recently did an event at the Huntley in Santa Monica but I have had more than a few events at the Viceroy in Santa Monica. Of course I was tempted to stay at Loews. Yet, I have stayed at the Viceroy and it has never disappointed. Since I was an official tour guide, I wanted to make sure I took my guest to the right spots. I honestly think we should have spent at least another day in Santa Monica.  It was all that I remembered starting with the pool at the Viceroy.  It was all that I remembered from the beginning of the summer. It was so beautiful that we decided to rent a cabana and entertain some of our friends. I thought the events team was fabulous along with the front desk staff but the pool staff didn’t disappoint either.  Everyone was glad they came out to spend the day with us in Santa Monica and I wished we had another day to spend there. In the evening we went for drinks at Bar Chloe and got room service when we got back to the room.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


If you are planning a wedding, choosing a wedding cake is definitely a part of this process.  Most people would think it would be the easiest part of the planning.  While it isn't extremely difficult it still takes thought and consideration.  In my opinion, choosing a wedding cake is one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process. Of course when I am working I don't get a chance to eat them. Yet, in this day and age they are doing so many things with wedding cakes that they are just as much fun to look at as they are to eat.  I do get to taste them when planning weddings.  Most of your guests will agree and most of them won't leave until the cake has been cut. When choosing a cake, keep in mind that the cake is just another part of personalizing your wedding. The days of the tiered white wedding cake are over. Your wedding cake should be as individual as you and reflect your vision. It isn't out of the ordinary for couples to have their cake designed around the theme of the wedding.

You want to make sure you choose the right venue for the right style of cake. Therefore, location is one thing to consider when choosing a wedding cake. Of course the time of year is a key factor as well as the location of the baker delivering your cake.  For example if you plan on having your wedding in the summer in a location that gets direct sun, things like Butter Cream, Mousse, or ice cream cake might not be the best choice. If you do choose a cake like this for some reason, you want to make sure you aren't having your wedding outdoors, in an area where the room is slightly heated or where the sun will reflect off glass and possibly melt the cake. Additionally, you don't want to have to worry about transporting the cake from a long distance if you are worrying about it melting as well.

Choosing a Cake Designer
When choosing a cake designer make sure you choose someone that listens to your ideas, creates around you as a couple and not around what they, the designer wants.  Also, when choosing a cake designer make sure you check out their portfolio just like you would with any other vendor. While the baker may be talented, they all have a style. Just like you interviewed various photographers to get a sense of their style, it is the same thing when looking for a baker to design your cake. You also have to decide which one is more important to you. Some bakers are going to care more about the look of their cake than they are about the taste of the cake. Which one matters more to you? Most important, make sure you taste the cake. Never choose a designer that doesn't offer a sample cake.  Any baker can tell you they make the best Butter Cream or chocolate cake.  They can even convince you. However, a good designer will want you to make an informed decision and will not want you to be disappointed on your wedding day.

Remember Your Guests
While the flavor and type of cake are the decision of the couple, you will still want to keep your guests dietary restrictions in mind.  If you have children that are addicted to peanut butter or strawberries, you definitely don't want it in the cake that everyone is going to be served.  A way to do this and still respect your guests is to have different flavors in the different tiers. The couple can have the bottom tier that they will be cutting the flavor of their choice. When you hire a wedding planner more than likely they will be at the cake tasting with you and will know the details of the cake you choose.  However, if you don't hire a wedding planner and you are planning your wedding yourself, let someone know any details they may need to know about the cake. Make sure the planner at your venue knows and whoever may be cutting your cake.

Size of the Cake
Keep in mind most cakes are priced by the slice. Therefore, you don't want to order a cake that is too large. You only want to order a cake that will feed 200 guests at the most if you have a guests list of 175. Of course part of the cake some will save for their anniversary. In that case you will want to have a little extra. Again if you are working with a wedding planner she will know how to advise you about the size of your cake. However, if you aren't, keep this in mind and discuss it with your cake designer.  An experienced cake designer will usually give you good advice and know how to advise you with regard to the size of your cake.

Traditional Vs. Non-Traditional
As I stated in the beginning, the white tiered cake of yesterday isn't the only way to go. There are so many creative choices in wedding cakes these days. There are even those that are choosing to have cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. At this point, cupcakes are still considered to be something that a whimsical/modern bride would choose and for now it isn't considered traditional or elegant.

The Groom's Cake
A Groom's cake is a Southern American tradition. Traditionally they are chocolate and shouldn't be displayed on the same table as the bridal cake. The Bridal cake should always be the centerpiece but again it is the choice of the couple. You don't necessarily have to have a Groom's cake.  If you don't, you can make a tier of your cake chocolate to represent the groom. Otherwise, the Groom's cake should be fun and whimsical.  If you want to go with a traditionally designed Groom's cake, you can add the groom's monogram to liven it up. That is up to the groom to decide.

In the end, the cake is fun but most of all it is your sweet reward that will satisfy your sweet tooth on your wedding day.  It should reflect your personality, your wedding theme but mostly it should reflect what matters most about the most important day of your life.  Good luck and happy cake tasting!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Everything begins with a story.  Every anniversary party I have done, occurred because two people fell in love.  That is the same feeling I have for every baby shower I have ever organized.  This is a job that I enjoy because I love the stories and the happiness that occurs during these parties.  Celebrations are when people are enjoying the moments that brought them here.
One of the most important things about planning an event is being organized.  The second thing that is important about an event is not only being able to visualize it but helping your client visualize it.  The event won't actually come to life until the event happens but you want to be able to have a visual layout or create a realistic view ahead of time.

One of the ways I do this is by creating a Storyboard.  A storyboard is the way that you create the path that will tell the entire story of your event.  You don't have to do it all at once.  As your event develops so does your story board in the same way you tell the story.  Your storyboard should is a type of map, outlining all the major steps needed to complete your event.  There is a beginning and there is an end.  It will help the people that work with you and your clients visualize what is in your head.

How do you do this?  You start this by jotting down key points, then add your ideas and any concepts.  Add textures for various linens or color swatches so that you can compare them with the other colors you will use.   Throughout this process you can also take photos, cut out pictures from magazines.  Write down the small details because you don't want to forget a thing.

When telling a story you want to help others visualize Who, What, When, Where, and Why.  You don't want to miss any of the details.  When I am done with an event or the project, I create a nice scrapbook for my clients with the evolution of their event.  This is invaluable for weddings that I have planned for a year or more.  They can see where their project begin and of course they know how it turned out.

Currently, I am working on my own storyboard and I enjoy telling my own story.  I also enjoy being a part of the many stories of my clients I have worked with to date.  Don't forget, it doesn't have to be a special event to create a story board to tell your story.  However, you definitely want to remember the important moments.  Don't forget to create a storyboard for your next event.  Make sure you never forget the moments worth remembering.

Monday, August 9, 2010


The veil is meant to cover the woman's head and sometimes her face on the day of her wedding.  There are so many reasons a woman may choose to wear a veil on her wedding day.  Despite what many believe, the reason is not always religious.  Sometimes it is personal or for fashion reasons.  Either way it is the bride's choice.  The veil can be looked at as a symbol of modesty of course.  It can also symbolize the transition a woman makes on her wedding day. 

Before her marriage she veils the woman that she is because once the veil is lifted, she emerges a new woman.  This is even more symbolic for young brides.  Before her wedding day she is a single woman in love.  After her wedding day, she is a married woman ready to embark on a new life with her partner.  The lifting of the veil is part of the ancient wedding ritual as well.  Either the father can lift the veil or the groom but it symbolizes that the groom has now joined her and she has now formed a new union with her husband.  The veil has even symbolized a symbol of chasity especially when worn with a white wedding dress.

In the case of arranged marriages, veils serve a purpose as well.  The veil conceals the bride's face from her husband-to-be. It is understood in these marriages neither of the future married couple have seen the face of the other prior to the lifting of the veil.

In Western weddings today, the veil still has a symbolism to many.  However, for the most part it is worn as an accessory.  Since they are worn as an accessory, there are many different ways you can wear them.  They can be long, short or they can cover your face like they have in ancient times.  Depending on the dress you choose, they are meant to be a compliment or statement to your wedding dress.  In the end, it is your choice just as much as it is your day.  In the meantime, here are some links to great veil designers.!.html